MICHELIN® Serpentine Belts, Idlers and Tensioners

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MICHELIN® Serpentine Belts, Idlers and Tensioners

Serpentine Belts

Serpentine belts transmit power from the crankshaft pulley to the various drives of the Front Engine Accessory Drive (FEAD) system. The belt runs over idlers and tensioners to maintain proper tension in the whole drive system. MICHELIN® serpentine belts are manufactured with premium EPDM synthetic rubber and a Smart Stretch design to provide a compact, low-noise drive solution with low maintenance, higher cost effectiveness, and reduced CO2 emissions.

Idlers & Guide Pulleys

Idlers work with drive belts and tensioners to provide alignment and proper belt tension. MICHELIN® idlers that are designed and manufactured to reduce vibration, wear and friction, assuring proper belt tension for the same service life as the OE components.

Belt Tensioners

Tensioners work with belts and other components to synchronize the engine system. MICHELIN® tensioners minimize vibrations and friction to deliver you optimal efficiency. Our tensioners are manufactured from premium raw materials to rigorous specifications to ensure you are protected from the road contaminants that often shorten the life of inferior products.

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